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The game in brief
1. Look at the diagram and prepare the tournament arena on a fairly even surface (preferably grass). Choose two teams, the Black Knights and the Red Knights. One team consists of 1 - 6 players (it should not be more), and each team receives 6 balls and 3 wooden blocks in their team's colour. Klicka för större bild
2. The teams will now throw their balls from baseline 1 and try to get one ball in each of the triangles. Klicka för större bild
3. When you have managed to get one ball in each of the triangles, you have then achieved what is called the battle position. Once in battle position, you may throw your remaining balls from baseline 2 towards the opposing team's blocks. Klicka för större bild
4. To win the round, you must knock down the opposing team's Lady. But before you are allowed to do that, you must knock down the two knights who are "protecting" her. Klicka för större bild
5. If by mistake you knock down the Lady before the knights, you must remove your balls from the triangles and start all over again. Klicka för större bild

The game comes with complete rules and playing instructions. See the rule booklet.
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